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March 2020

Celebrating HDFC Young Student Pilots

Boeing conservatively projected that aviation will need 790,000 new pilots by 2037 to meet growing demand. This could be a reason why HDFC has attracted many teenagers to learn to fly. Of course, our young pilot students have a deep interest in aviation. They dream it, spot planes and wear their wings proudly on their chest. It’s a sign of great pride in their hard earned achievement. All of our instructors have noticed a huge jump in maturity levels during the period when they are learning to fly with HDFC. They have all turned into very responsible, safety conscious and caring young adults.


In this March issue, we feature some of our young student pilots. March is also a special time for women aviators in line with IWD. Do you know that Raymonde de Laroche was the world's first female who earned a pilot licence on March 8 1910? We hear many stories about women aviators. Yet, the International Society of Women Airline Pilots reported January this year that only 6.6 percent of pilots are female. Women pilots can bridge the gap of the significant and long-term shortage of aviation talent. HDFC is very proud that we have a number of young female flying students who are remarkably smart, beautiful and ambitious. 


To all of our young flying students, I say 


Let Your Dreams Take Flight!


We had a photo shoot with the beautiful Dior Toppazzini, one of our 2019 flying scholarship students. Many thanks to Stuart Lyall Photography for his time and effort to do this photo shoot on a very hot sunny afternoon. Photos of Dior and our Sling aircraft are found in this issue of Propwash.

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Enjoy this March 2020 issue.


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Happy Reading!

Veronica Lind, Editor, Marketing and Communications for HDFC

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