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June 2021

RAAF Roulettes

It’s my pleasure again to bring you another edition of Propwash.

HDFC had their open day on Sunday 18th April, 2021 and I was very excited to cover the story at the event.

My team at Vermilion Pinstripes designed the signage on the front of the hangar facing the airport terminal plus the banners, and posters displayed at the club house.

We had the Z-Chords and Pam Hata entertaining us that day. I met 4-year old Henri who wants to join the club and has been coming on Fridays to meet the pilots and watch the planes. He’s going to be our future pilot!

To top it all, I had an exclusive interview with Roulette 7 FLTLT Aimee Heal, the team’s youngest and only female Roulette pilot. She explained about the aircraft the Roulettes, Royal Australian Air Force’s aerobatic display team fly and her career. Read all about it on page 14.

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Veronica Lind, Editor, HDFC

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Veronica Lind, Editor, Marketing and Communications for HDFC

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