Highly Experienced and Professional Flying Instructors

Our enthusiastic team of instructors draws on experience from many facets of aviation and will ensure that your flying training is conducted thoroughly, professionally and to the highest standards.

Steve Smith

Senior Flying Instructor

T: 0405 775 192



Steve Smith has over 50 years aviation experience with 21 years flying for East West Airlines on F27 and F28. From 1990, he was instructing at Bankstown with various organisations and finished up with UNSW. Steve's vast flying knowledge and instructing ability will add value to any flying student and to HDFC.


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Mike Bullock

Senior Flying Instructor

T: 0412 237 787


Mike has over 1,000 hours flying experience; Multi-Engine, Night and Instrument ratings; Aerobatics and Tail Wheel Endorsements; and 15 years learning and development experience.

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Ray Lind

Chief Flying Instructor

T: 0428 820 698


With over 23 years of flying instruction, Ray Lind combines teaching skills with aviation skills and knowledge very effectively. Ray is reputed to consistently demontrate patience and dedication towards his students, grooming them to be proficent pilots. Flying briefs are provided in PDFs to students.

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Ray Lind

Brian Chow

Flying Instructor

T: 0428 697 010


Brian Chow teaches flying in the Foxbat aircraft.

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