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5th to 12th March

Uncover secrets of the Hastings from the air!

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Flying commences from 5th to 12th March

Presentation Dinner on 12th March 6pm


  • You will form a team of minimum 2 persons. The pilot need not have a cross country endorsement as the navigation course is quite simple. Student pilots can form a team with their flying instructor.

  • Entry fee is $10 per team.

  • 2 aircraft from HDFC are available for hire. Time slots available at 8 am, 9.30 am, 11 am, 12.30 pm, 2 pm and 3.30 pm. You will need to book for an aircraft at HDFC's rate for at least 1-1/2hr duration.

  • You may book the aircraft and do the fly and spy between 5th to 12th March.

  • You may use your own aircraft and fly anytime you like.

  • You will answer a set of observation questions and submit them after your flight.

  • Presentation of prizes will be held at the club house during dinner.



  • All are welcome for dinner.

  • Dinner starts at 6 pm.

  • Choice of steak or chicken with veggies, salads, desserts and nibbles.

  • Dinner is at $20 per person.



  • First prize - $100

  • Second prize - $70

  • Third prize - $30

  • Consolation prizes

  • Loser's cabbage



It is the responsibility of pilots and visitors to be aware of COVID safety which includes hygiene practices and not to be present if you or your family members are unwell or had been in contact with someone having COVID or had just returned from overseas.


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