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Join Me to Uncover secrets of the Hastings from the air!


Form a team of minimum 2 people (Pilot and Observer) to uncover secrets of the Hastings from the air! You can purchase tickets for either Fly & Spy Adventure, Prize Presentation Dinner or both.


Flying commences from Saturday 18th February to 11th March 2023

Prize Presentation Dinner on Saturday 11th March 6pm

This year your team will again join Barry Bristell in a flying adventure. You will retrace Barry’s flight by first following the river to Wauchope, then the railway line to The Lakes airfield, then east to Diamond Head and finally back up the beaches to Port Macquarie. No navigation skills required. Along the way you will make observations and have lots of fun.


Each team will consist of at least two persons. The pilot need not have a cross country endorsement. Student pilots can fly with an instructor. Think about a catchy team name.


Each team will pay an entry fee of $10.This will help subsidise the prize money.


  • Flight duration is approximately 1 hour.

  • Pilots flying the club aircraft should book a 2 hour session (Preferably either 8am, 10am, 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm or to fit in with other bookings)

  • Aircraft owners may fly at any time.

  • The flight may be taken any day from Saturday 18th February to Saturday 11th March. This provides flexibility to accommodate poor weather and aircraft availability.

It is essential that you register online or notify Rod Davison T: 0419 632 477 or E: of your flight details so that question sheets can be distributed.


  • First prize - $100

  • Second prize - $70

  • Third prize - $30

  • Consolation prizes

  • Loser's cabbage


  • A Presentation Dinner will be held on Saturday 11th March commencing 6pm.

  • All club members and fly-in visitors are invited, not just Fly & Spy participants.

  • Cost is $20 Adults and $10 Children.

  • Food choice is either Steak or Chicken with veggies, salads, desserts and nibbles.

  • Please register online or on the club noticeboard advising choice of steak or chicken.


Hastings District Flying Club HDFC Fly + Spy 2023
Hastings District Flying Club HDFC Fly + Spy 2023
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