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Student Pilot Instructor Payments

The HDFC is streamlining the manner in which student pilots make payment to instructors for flight training and ground briefings. The new system is designed to simplify the payment process for both the pilot and instructor.

Please check with your flying instructor on latest charges.


  • Instructor and aircraft hire costs will be combined into one payment made to the HDFC.

  • Ground briefing costs will also be made direct to the HDFC.

  • Instructors will provide a monthly invoice to the HDFC for their services.

Making the payment

  • Student pilots will make payment at the end of each flight or ground briefing.

  • Payment will be either cash or eftpos. When paying cash please ensure a receipt is received showing full details. When using a card please ensure a customer copy is issued and details are recorded on the HDFC Record of Payment sheet.

Dual training rate

  • The dual training rate will be $210 per flight hour (also includes solo flight under instructor supervision). This comprises $150 aircraft hire and $60 instructor fee.

  • Ground briefings are charged at $30 per hour.


The new system outlined above will commence on Tuesday 1st October 2019.


Any questions regarding this new system should be directed to your flight instructor or a committee person.


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