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HDFC is where people who believe in your flying dreams come together since 1958

Hastings District Flying Club

incorporating Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation

Operates 7 days a week, since 1958

Oliver Drive, Port Macquarie Airport, NSW 2444, Australia

T: (02) 6583 1695

E: enquiries@hdfc.com.au

HDFC provides professional flying training since 1958

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  • Hastings District Flying Club HDFC
  • Hastings District Flying Club HDFC

Professional Flying Training since 1958

Our Flying Training includes pre-flight briefing, flying, post-flight briefing, exams and pilot certification.


Precautionary Search and Landing

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Effects of Control

Straight and Level




Basic Stall


Circuit Emergencies

Preparation for Solo Flight

Forced Landing Advanced Stalls

Steep Turns

Pilot Certification

Learn to fly in Port Macquarie Australia, HDFC, Foxbat, CTLS

Ask Senior Flying Instructor and Club Captain, Ray Lind about our flying training.


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Learn to fly in Port Macquarie, HDFC, Foxbat, CTLS

Bob Needham, Senior Flight Instructor with Joanne Oreb, our youngest student, at age 15 years, 1 month and 11 days to go solo in HDFC's 56 years history!


Read all about Joanne Oreab.

Bob Needham, Senior Flight Instructor with Roy Cousins who learnt to fly at age 90! This proves that you can learn flying at any age!

learn to fly in Port Macquarie, flying training

I would like to recommend Ray Lind to anyone wishing to learn to fly. He has trained my 16 year old son to fly. If you are a parent considering flight training for your son or daughter you can be assured they will be professionally and safely trained by an outstanding instructor. Ray Lind has not only trained my son to the utmost standards but he has also instilled confidence and competence in him. Ray is always encouraging, patient, and will provide excellent and proficient skills in anyone that he trains. (Mary Butterfield, mother of Caleb Butterfield)

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