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All pilots love to hear from other pilots about their experiences, whether to learn from them or just enjoy sharing their moments.

Please submit your stories to Veronica Lind.

Instructor Profile

My First Solo

Instructor Profile and First Solo

Teaching flying since 1992. It's time to Fly .... again!

Born to Fly!

I went first solo after 57 minutes of dual instruction on a three day course

Even as a very experienced flying instructor with a very patient and calm demeanour, I have my share of frightening flying experiences.

I have flown about 75 types of aircraft and owned 20 of all types!

I promise you, flying will be the most fun you will ever have sitting down with your clothes on!!!!

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Here's a complilation of First Solos. The most memorable experience for any pilot!

I couldn’t stuff it up now, not with the big (QANTAS) boys watching! 

My adrenaline then began flowing as I knew what was about to happen...

... it was time for me to fly alone for the first time. I have always wanted to soar the skies and earn the title of Pilot.

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Flying Adventures

Wing Tips - Situational Awareness

Flying Adventures and Wing Tips

Re-live Anson Needham's maiden flight (27 July 2014) on his home-built RV8 Bulawayo Bomber

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Carby heat on - Summarised by Greg Connors from the CASA website

8th November 2013 with a grand total of 49 flying hours, at Approx 8.21am, YPMQ Runway 03, Wind 330, 5kt, CAVOK.

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