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David Massey

Senior Flying Instructor (RA and GA)


T: 0403 925 462 | E: david@massey.nu

Learn to fly with Hastings District Flying Club, Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation | HDFC Port Macquarie

David Massey's Cessna 152 VH-IVA is available for hire at $180 an hour. 

David Massey - Instructor Profile


I have flown about 75 types of aircraft and owned 20 of all types!


How long have you been flying and what encouraged you to start?

I was fascinated with aeroplanes as a teenager – growing up in the UK I can remember going to Farnborough Airshow in its heyday and I was hooked. I was also involved in radio controlled models in my late teens but never thought I would have the money to fly. Then in my late thirties we sold a business and I had both time and money and took a short full time course in learning to fly a Cessna 152. 


Why did you become an instructor?

After getting my PPL, I was encouraged by the owner of the flying school to build hours and become an instructor and I was instructing within a year of gaining my PPL.


What qualities do you believe a student needs to be successful at any level in aviation?

It is really interesting to see the variety in backgrounds of people learning to fly and also
the diverse age groups – however, the one theme that seems to persist with the students that actually see it through is that they “always wanted to do it.” Everyone faces some challenges with flying, either learning to land or the theory and therefore determination is needed by all.


What’s your scariest moment as an instructor?

I think that one of the challenges as an instructor is allowing a student to make mistakes and see how far they take this mistake before correcting it themselves. This inevitably leads to you / the aircraft being in situations you would not put the aircraft into yourself. In reality this is not so scary after a while, but you still have to have your wits about you.


What is the most interesting or challenging plane you have flown?

I have flown about 75 types of aircraft (owned 20!) of all types, I really like old bi-planes. There is some magic about flying them and the wind around you. The Waco stands out because of the sheer size and the Stampe for its control feel and manners.


Do you have a most memorable flight you would like to tell us about?

I had a very memorable flight in a Steraman through France/ Switzerland etc. and can remember flying high in the Alps on a crystal clear day. The other flight that stands out in my logbook is a 16hour flight from Hawaii to San Francisco in a PC750.


Finally, if money was no object, what would be your dream plane?

I have no wish to own a Gulfstream although a small Citation would be good fun for a while, but what would I really buy – probably a TBM 850. If I was then allowed another aircraft, maybe an Extra 300 and a Piper Cub! 

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