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For 60 years, Pilot Proficiency Days have helped our Pilot keep current. It is HDFC's way of producing great and respected pilots.

Flying Competitions

Become great and respected pilots

Join us every 3rd Sunday of the month
followed by BBQ lunch at $10 per person

This year, we are renaming Pilot Proficiency Day to Flying Competition. Our goal is to produce GREAT and RESPECTED Pilots. We do this by ensuring total aviation safety and disciplined airmanship through accurate and professional flying training. Therefore, it is important that Pilots Keep Current.

- Ray Lind, Mentor -


HDFC's monthly Flying Competition is an opportunity to brush up on flying skills with a coach/mentor in the right-hand seat. Points are awarded but the emphasis is on proficient flying by all participants. 


HDFC runs a monthly flying competition over 11 months of the year. The flying competitions are an excellent way to maintain and improve flying skills. Most sessions are of 20-30 minutes duration and participants fly with a Check Pilot.


Both GA and RA aircraft participate in the same routine.

Pilots may fly their own aircraft provided the check pilots are happy.


Aircraft hire rate for the proficiency exercise will be reduced to $100/ hour. A sequence is usually between 0.4 and 0.5 hours.

Student pilots are encouraged to participate and will not be asked to perform a sequence that they have not already undertaken in a lesson.

3RD SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH. Follow us on our Facebook events calendar or check back on our website for updates on Pilot Proficiency updates as dates may change depending on weather conditions.
Check Pilots will be there from 7.30 am till 3 pm.
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