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My First Solo by Caleb Butterfield

16 August 2014

Caleb Butterfield received his Recreational Pilot Certificate on 30 December 2014

As a career and as a passion I have always wanted to soar the skies and earn the title of Pilot.  I had accumulated a grand total of 15 hours and the time had come time for me to claim that title, I was going to fly solo.


We waited for the perfect day and little traffic. It was the 16th of August 2014, and after a few circuits, my instructor, Ray Lind, decided it was time for me to fly alone for the first time.   Many other people had told me their experiences about going solo for the first time.  My experience was very similar.


When Ray got out of the plane there was a sense of excitement. His masterful and fabulous training (you’re welcome Ray) kicked in and it was almost like he was sitting in the seat next to me. I knew the Foxbat was extremely efficient at taking off and I knew that going solo made it become airborne even faster, however even with this knowledge it still amazed me how it jumped off the ground so quickly.


It was very exciting to be in the air by myself and I even spotted a car in town that was on fire while I was on the downwind leg of the circuit.


Overall going solo for the first time was and is a truly unique experience you will not find anywhere else and I am glad to have done it in Port Macquarie with the Foxbat.

Ray Lind, Senior Flight Instructor and HDFC Captain with Caleb Butterfield, Student Pilot of the Year 2014

Student Pilot of the Year


Caleb Butterfield has developed into being a very competent flier…he has become an excellent club member, socialising frequently at all events and as soon as he achieved his solo flight, he commenced entering the all important PPD s…. immediately realising their immense value and importance to his flying training.


… Ray Lind, Senior Flight Instructor and Club Captain

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