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Julian Booth Soaring High

John Dunn, President of the Kempsey Flying Club is so proud of his grandson, Julian Booth who was awarded Student Pilot for the year 2016 by the Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC) at Port Macquarie.

As cited by Macleay Argus on 9th May 2017, Julian showed a rapid progression with his flying training in 2016. He was the first student pilot to fly First Solo on 8th January in HDFC’s newest Foxbat 24-8685. Julian got his Pilot Certificate on 11th March and went on to achieve his Cross Country Certificate in July. He also gained his Passenger Endorsement on 7th August. It takes a great deal of work to gain all these flying achievements in just one year!

Flying in the family for Kempsey's Julian

Ray Lind, Chief Flying Instructor of HDFC was Julian’s flight instructor. “This can only be achieved by hard work and dedication. Many problems, including weather conditions, are encountered along the way in gaining a pilot’s certificate and this often takes a great deal of perseverance by the student to overcome individual difficulties."

Julian Booth has indeed developed into a very competent and professional pilot. Under the watchful guidance of Pop (John Dunn), Julian is now proceeding to gain his Commercial Pilots Licence and hopefully work in the industry as a professional pilot.

Julian has 15 more hours to go and is busily clocking up his flying hours in Pop’s Plane, as he calls the Cesna 172 that belongs to Kempsey Flying Club. He is so dedicated and focused on becoming a commercial pilot. Julian Booth is soaring high and is making Kempsey proud! We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Julian Booth got obtained his pilot certificate on 11th March 2016
Julian Booth studen pilot of the year 2016 at HDFC

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