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Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat


The A22LS is the load carrier of the Foxbat family designed to satisfy stringent ASTM standards for Light Sport Aircraft. Powered by the 4 stroke liquid cooled Rotax 912ULS carbureted 100hp engine, it is perfect for flying training, two-up touring and for the sport pilot who often flies with a friend. It comes standard with long range tanks, giving it a duration of over 6 hours with a reserve.


It has a legal carrying capacity of around 290 kilos, although the airframe is stressed to be safe to carry up to around 340 kilos. This weight includes the pilot, passenger/co-pilot, fuel and baggage.


Its empty weight is around 310 kilos, so with 100 hp to play with, there’s plenty of performance available. At its 600kgs Maximum Take Off Weight, take-off and landing distances are very slightly longer than the A22L but still typically under 75 metres. 

8 reasons why you should learn flying in the Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat


1. 360 Visibility: From first glimpse of the Foxbat, you will notice the panoramic views from the cockpit. This design is ideal for student pilot’s safety and also viewing pleasure. 


2. Amazing take-off and landing performance: This aircraft gets airborne even before the other aircraft’s airspeed indicator starts to tick over! Add a 25kt headwind, and you have a VTOL aircraft! 


3. Stability: Being a high wing aircraft, it is inherently stable it also gives you the feeling that you are in control of it at all times from the day one of your flying training. 


4. Variable cruising performance: You can cruise anywhere between 35kts to 90kts! A great range of speeds to fly for recreational purpose. 


5. Fuel Capacity of 110 litres usable: 110lts of Avgas and you can be airbourne for over 6 hours. 


6. Efficient Fuel Burn Rate: Fuel burn rate to fuel tank capacity is great, reducing the cost of operating significantly lower. 


7. Metal Frame: Solid as metal, yet light as a feather. 


8. Rotax Engine: uses the renowned Rotax 912 series 100hp engine, most modern and reliable engine in class, very simple construction and ease of maintenance.

Foxbat 8685 for hire
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