HDFC Flying Scholarships 2020

Is this the start to your flying career?

Application closes on Monday 26 October 2020

The Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC) is offering two $1,500 flying scholarships to promote aviation to the youth of the Hastings District.

About the Scholarship


Since 1961, HDFC has been offering flying scholarships. The first recipient was 17-year-old Jimmie Higgins. In 2006, the flying scholarships were reintroduced. Since its inception, approximately 36 scholarships have been awarded. Jimi Ludriks, a Wauchope boy was one of the inaugural recipients and is now a Boeing 747 First Officer with Cathay Pacific.


The scholarship amount is $1,500. HDFC membership and BAK theory kit will also be provided by the club.

Upon accepting the scholarship successful candidates will contribute an equivalent $1,500 which then gives them $3,000 credit toward flying training. Please note this is not the expected full cost of a Recreational Pilot Certificate.


Scholarship training is valid for 12 months.




Flying training will be in the Sling2 aircraft under the tutelage of one of the club’s Recreational Aviation Instructors. The training will lead to a Recreational Aviation Australia pilot certificate. Lessons can be arranged 7 days a week.


We are one of the leaders in Recreational Flying Training. Our enthusiastic team of instructors draws on experience from many facets of aviation and will ensure that your flying training is conducted thoroughly, professionally and to the highest standards.

Applicant Criteria


Applicants must be -


  • Aged between 14 and 20 years

  • Submit their most recent school report, if they are studying

  • Outline why they would like to learn to fly

  • Take a Trial Introductory Flight to assess aptitude at a cost of $150




  • Close on Monday, 26th October 2020

  • You can apply online

Cost of Training 

Some of our scholarship flying students

Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate

Estimated costs

TOTAL minimum $5,000

HDFC membership (must have)


RAAus membership (must have)

under 18 at $179/year plus $22 joining fee

over 18 at $250/year plus $22 joining fee

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Theory Kit (BAK)


BAK briefings (must do) 12 topics, about 12 to 15 hours


Air instruction (at least 20 hours, usually 20 to 25 hours)
Discount available for 10 hours pre-paid

$210/hour aircraft hire



Discovery Flight