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HDFC has trained many pilots
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Ray Lind 1959 - born to fly
HDFC fulfils flying dreams
Flying training at Hastings District Flying Club, Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation | HDFC Port Macquarie

Barrie Abbott, HDFC CFI for over 20 years

 ... one does not have to be young or overly courageous to fly the modern light aircraft. Few people are gifted pilots; most achieving a high degree of skill and standard of efficiency through undertaking a carefully planned course of instruction ... Barrie Abbott, Chief Flying Instructor, HDFC - 1959

Watch how we train our pilots

Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation is a leader in Recreational Flying Training specialising in professional pilot development. Our enthusiastic team of instructors draws on experience from many facets of aviation and will ensure that your flying training is conducted thoroughly, professionally and to the highest standards. Training is conducted at Port Macquarie Airport (YPMQ) in a friendly atmosphere.


HDFC continues the proud tradition began by Barrie Abbott in turning out highly skilled and professional pilots.


New to Flying?


Book a Discovery Flight (Trial Instructional Flight - TIF)


A Discovery Flight is a fantastic way to experience what flying is all about. With one of our professional flight instructors at your side, you will actually get to fly our aircraft!


During your 30 to 40 minute hands-on flight, you will learn the basics of taxiing, take-off and maintaining straight and level flight. Best of all, you can log the flight time in your pilot's logbook if you decide to continue training.



A TIF costs $150 when flying in the Sling.

Trial Instructional Flights are available now as a gift voucher.

Learn to Fly - geting your Pilot Certificate


Pilot training courses are conducted in accordance with the RA-Aus Operations Manual. All abinitio training is done in the Sling.





Estimated Cost to obtain a Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate

(total estimated at $5,000 minimum)

HDFC membership (must have)

$100 per year

RAAus membership (must have)

under 18 $179 per year; over 18 $250 per year plus $22 joining fee

Basic Aeronatical Knowledge Theory Kit (BAK)


Ground briefings (must do) 12 topics, about 12-15 hours

$30 an hour

Aircraft hire (at least 20 air instruction hours on Sling) 5% discount available for 10 hours pre-paid

$150 an hour

Instructor (approximately 20-25 hours)

$60 an hour

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Flight Endorsements

  • Passenger Carrying

  • Cross Country

  • High Performance

  • Formation

  • Low Level

  • Nose Wheel

  • Controlled Airspace (available when approved by RA-Aus and CASA

Biennial Flight Review (BFR)


BFRs are available for existing RA-Aus Pilot Certificate holders.

BFR cost

  • $210 an hour (Sling)

Other Services Available

  • Instructor Rating - Six week full time or part time courses are available

  • GA Pilot Conversion - If you are an existing GA pilot why not think about gaining your Recreational Pilot Certificate. (Min 5 hrs including 1 hr solo)

  • Right Hand Seat Safety Course - An excellent course for partners of pilots who fly regularly in the right hand seat. We will teach you aeroplane handling skills, how to land and emergency procedures.

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) briefing

  • Navigation & Meteorology briefing


  • Membership of the HDFC is a requirement for all pilots wishing to fly the club aircraft - $100.00 per annum

  • Membership of RA-Aus is a requirement for all Ultralight Pilots - $250 per annum. See for more details.

  • The health standard required for a pilot certificate is equivalent to that required for the issue of a Private Motor Vehicle Drivers Licence in Australia

  • There is no minimum age for starting flying training however you must be 15 to go solo or gain your pilot certificate 

Keeping Current

Participate in our monthly Pilot Proficiency Day and enjoy a barbeque lunch


This is an opportunity to brush up on flying skills with a coach/mentor in the right hand seat. Points are awarded but the emphasis is on proficient flying by all participants. The HDFC runs a monthly pilot proficiency day over 11 months of the year plus a navigation trial over December and January. The proficiency days are an excellent way to maintain and improve flying skills. Most sessions are of 20-30 minutes duration and participants fly with a Check Pilot.

  • Both GA and RA aircraft participate in the same routine.

  • Pilots may fly their own aircraft provided the check pilots are happy.

  • Aircraft hire rate for the proficiency exercise will be reduced to $100/ hour. A sequence is usually between 0.4 and 0.5 hours.

  • Student pilots are encouraged to participate and will not be asked to perform a sequence that they have not already undertaken in a lesson.

  • Each proficiency day will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd point system which will be used to determine annual awards.

  • Air judges will have a 10 point handicap before any other handicap is applied. Monthly winners have a 10 point handicap for each time they win.

  • There are three main annual awards:

    • Most Proficient Pilot

    • Forced Landing Proficiency

    • Spot Landing Proficiency

  • A countback system will be used so that a different pilot is successful in each category.

Discovery Flight

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