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Witness the Tri-Club Flying Competition at Kempsey Airfield hosted by the Hastings District Flying Club

SAT 16th September 2023 8.30AM-4.30PM  |  TAREE AIRPORT (YTRE)


You're invited to this flying competition event hosted by Hastings District Flying Club at the Kempsey Airfield
You're invited to this Tri-Club flying competition event hosted by Hastings District Flying Club at Kempsey Airfield
You're invited to this flying competition event hosted by Hastings District Flying Club
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Tri-Club Competition Event Details


Welcome to : MRAC, RNAC, KFC and HDFC.  

HDFC would like to thank Manning River Aeroclub for generously helping out with the venue for our  2023 Tri Club Competition to be held on 16th September 2023. We can’t hold the Tri Club at YPMQ  because of the security situation and the sheer volume of circuit traffic.  

Also, because of the Covid situation we’ve had to miss the Tri Club for the past few years. We  certainly don’t want to stop this wonderful tradition. Hopefully we can get a great roll up of pilots at  beautiful Taree on the 16th September where we can maintain our flying currency, build confidence  and enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow pilots from the region.

Event Details


  • River Bash @ 700’

  • Steep Turns @ 2500’

  • Forced Landing from 2000’



  • Arrival / Registration: 8.30 Onwards 

  • Breakfast

  • Air Judges’ Briefing: 9.00 

  • Competitors’ Briefing: 9.15 

  • First Competitor: 9.30 Departs 

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch (Continuous) : 1200 - 1400 

  • Afternoon Tea: In conjunction with Presentation. Slices and Cakes 

  • Presentation: 15:30 

  • Depart: 16:30 




Total Cost for the day per Pilot and Attendees is $15.00  This covers Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Lunch as well as continuous Tea   and Coffee. 


NOTE: If cancellation is required due to weather, the alternate date will be 30th September. 


Ray Lind: Club Captain and CFI at HDFC 

 Mob: 0428820698 Email:

YTRE Airport Information

YTRE Airport informaton

River Bash


Course starts at the HWY Bridge. Position the aircraft over the river at 700’.  The River Bash turns can be quite steep, so it’s imperative that the ball is in the middle at all  times.

As shown, Turn 1 is to the Right, Turn 2 to the Left, Turn 3 to the Right and Turn 4 to the  Left. End of exercise. Climb to the N.E., levelling off at 2500’.  

b. At 2500’ the Steep Turn Exercise commences. One 45 degree to the Left then one 45  degree turn to the Right.  

Back to the airstrip, descend to 2000’.  

c. Forced Landing Exercise commences. Aiming to land in the scoring boxes on the main  runway. There will be no simulated ‘fence’. Land then taxi back to the changeover area near  the Aeroclub.

 Have Fun! Enjoy a very SAFE but challenging day of flying!

River Run
River Bash | HDFC | Hastings District Flying Club
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