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eNews June 2017

Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC)

HDFC eNews from Rod Davison, President



Good News. Foxbat 8685 is now back online after a complete strip, corrosion removal and repaint. It looks great in its new Foxbat yellow paint. Sorry for any inconvenience during this vital work.

Foxbat 7395 performed flawlessly with its extra workload and will now return to the back-up aircraft for 8685. Despite sending the transponder away for repairs there is still a problem, possibly wiring or antenna. Investigations continue in order to remedy the problem.

The CTLS has been readvertised for sale at $129,000. There have only been a few enquiries. The club will continue to operate the aircraft until its sale.

Foxbat 8685 back from repairs

Aircraft Booking Calendar

The Google Calendar used for aircraft bookings is quite good but can be easily corrupted. Unfortunately this has occurred several times of late leading to the necessity of creating a new password. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. New systems are currently being evaluated. Meanwhile please contact your instructor with any problems you may have using the calendar.

Personal Locator Beacons (PLB)

The club has purchased two new PLB’s. One will be placed in each Foxbat. Please check their location and do not remove from the aircraft.

Carriage of a PLB is required for any cross country flight of more than 50nm. However, it is comforting to carry one on any flight.

For the Treasurer of HDFC


Any hard copy communication to the treasurer including receipts and invoices should be placed in the treasury tray located on the bar wall adjacent to the doorway. Envelopes are supplied if required.

Membership fee’s are due next month. Members will receive an invoice indicating their membership renewal liability. Flying membership remains at $80, Social at $35 and Junior $11. Prompt payment is appreciated and will ensure continued membership.

Annual General Meeting

HDFC Annual General Meeting 6th September 2017

The HDFC AGM will be conducted on Wednesday 6th September from 6pm. This is early notice but now is the time to consider what you can offer the club as a committee person. All positions will become vacant and a new committee formed. All club members are entitled and encouraged to nominate for any position.

Propwash HDFC newsletter


Thanks to Veronica for another high quality edition of Propwash. Member contributions are what allow it to be such an enjoyable read. Let’s support our magazine and help make Veronica’s job easier by submitting articles for the July edition now.

Aircraft Photos

Mary has done an excellent job preparing framed photos of club member’s aircraft. They will be proudly displayed on the club walls so come and have a look.

On Tour

Life Member, Vince Williams, has set out with his partner Di on an Australian tour in their new motorhome. At age ninety this will be a real adventure for Vince. We wish them safe and happy travels. Picture shows Bob Needham and Vince together at the clubhouse. Have a good trip Vince!

Bob Needham and Vince Williams

Picture on left:

Bob Needham (left) wishing Vince Williams (right) a good holiday!


Congratulations to Chayanne Harihi who recently captained the gold medal winning team in the Outrigger Paddling 10K Australian National Championships.

CFI Ramblings

  1. Now is a great time of the year for flying . Sure we have some wind and rain but on the good days the air is stable and we don't have those bumpy afternoon sea breezes. Make the most of it.

  2. Those pilots who would like to be able to land at Camden Haven can have some special instruction on how to handle this tricky airfield. Those pilots that have landed there previously don't need any additional approval. Have a talk to your instructor.

  3. Just when we were thinking requirements for the ASIC were going to get easier the opposite has happened. From the 31st July RA AUS will no longer be issuing them also there may be no one in Port Macquarie can certify photos and documents. Anyone renewing or requiring an ASIC in the next 6 months would be wise to do it now. Club member Simon Guthrey is authorised and willing to witness your applications before July 31st. See me for his contact details. Port Macquarie is listed as a secure airport . All with a Pilots Certificate should have one.

  4. You may have heard AIAC trainees mention they are doing a "Lighthouse, Dennis Bridge or Northern Beaches" departure. The diagrams to fully explain the Colleges procedure for departing to the training area are on the board next to the door at the club. Briefly they maintain 1000ft until reaching these points in the training area. It is wise to avoid these points and enter the circuit area at 2000ft.

Remember safety is no accident ......Steve Smith CFI

A new aircraft washing roster has just been released. Please check and communicate with other team members to organise your duty. Remember to sign off when finished. Hopefully completion rate will improve over the previous roster.

19/6/17 to 3/7/17

Russ Delforce, Jan Burgess, Ross Allan (A swap with the first team listed on the new roster)

3/7/17 to 17/7/17

Ed Godschalk, Nathan Green, Mark Crawford


23/6 Rod Davison

30/6 Matt Connors

7/7 Ed Godschalk

14/7 Craig Whiting

PPD Lunch July

Marite Jansons

Safe and enjoyable flying

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