Hospitality Roster

Duty is from 5pm to 8pm of a Friday evening. If unavailable arrange a swap.

Volunteers are still required for this roster. If you can help please email Rod.


6th Dec          Bruce Dunlop
13th Dec        Doug Toppazzini
20th Dec        Rod Davison
27th Dec        Ray Lind
3rd Jan          Mike Bullock
10th Jan        John Hayler
17th Jan        Bruce Dunlop
24th Jan        Steve Smith
31st Jan        Doug Toppazzini
7th Feb         Ray Lind
14th Feb       David Toulson
21st Feb       Veronica Lind
28th Feb       Mike Bullock
6th March      Rod Davison
13th March    Bruce Dunlop

Aircraft Washing Roster

Why an aircraft washing roster?  


Our aircraft are our purpose. It is vital we care for these valuable assets. The benefits of regular washing and cleaning are numerous. A roster is the best way to ensure this regularity.


Why me?  


This roster is sent to all regular Sling pilots. The HDFC committee believes it is the responsibility of all pilots who fly club aircraft to ensure they are maintained in a clean and tidy manner. Sharing the load benefits all and keeps costs down.

How does it work?  


Three people are scheduled on a fortnightly basis. Washing can occur at any time during this period. The first person listed should contact the two below to arrange a suitable time. Book the aircraft on the calendar.
If you cannot perform your duty in the allocated time period you may arrange a swap with another team. Any changes should be clearly shown on the noticeboard roster.

The duty.  


The Slings are to be washed. This can occur simultaneously or one after the other. Division of labour is your choice.
A box of cleaning materials including instructions is in the hangar. Please read instructions especially with regard to Perspex and the Sling. When finished please date and sign the duty roster also found in the box of cleaning materials.

Aircraft movement.


The hangar is full with aircraft in close proximity. Please exercise extreme care in moving aircraft to avoid damage. Pay particular attention to wingtips moving over propellors and windscreens. Ideally three people should be involved with one on each wingtip and one moving.



Please contact Rod Davison if you have any questions or problems concerning this roster. He will act as the co-ordinator.

Thank you for your assistance in sharing the load.


Flying Comp Lunch Roster

We have put below volunteers as placeholders. Please confirm that you will be able to host lunch on above dates by contacting Veronica.


You may change the roster amongst each other.


19 January
16 February
22 March
19 April
17 May 
21 June
19 July
16 August
20 September
18 October
15 November

Dianne Davison
Lorraine Dunlop
Sue Stubbs
Michelle Toppazzini
Veronica Lind
Gayle Kee
Jan Burgess
Lan Young
Fran Smith
Helen Smith

Please contact Veronica Lind if you can volunteer for PPD lunches.

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