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HDFC ENews December 2019

Aircraft News

The HDFC will not proceed with the purchase of Sling 2 24-8470. The aircraft did not present as well as advertised. Negotiations failed to meet common ground. This is disappointing as the need for a second aircraft is obvious. However, we must be patient in achieving the best possible outcome for the club.

The HDFC committee will now pursue the purchase of the original South African aircraft. It is currently in transit with arrival in Australia mid January. A February delivery is likely.

Rest assured the HDFC committee will always make decisions it believes are in the best interest of the club membership.

Aircraft Refuelling

The change to Premium Unleaded fuel has now occurred. Any pilots who did not attend the refuelling brief on Friday 20th December must be briefed before using the equipment.

Thanks to Doug Toppazzini for construction of the equipment. Premium Unleaded is the preferred Rotax 912ULS fuel. Its use will lead to substantial savings in both the cost of fuel and in maintenance.


Club member achievements were recognised at the recent Presentation Dinner. Congratulations to all those receiving awards. Pilot of the Year was Rod Hall, Student Pilot of the Year Nicolas Tessede and Clubperson of the Year shared by David Toulson and Doug Toppazzini. Simon Guthrey was recognised as the most proficient pilot from the monthly competitions. As well as the presentation of awards the large crowd were enlightened by guest speaker, Tim Hitchins. A full list of awardees are featured on our Facebook page.

Hangar Doors

Repair of the decrepit hangar doors is imminent. Meanwhile, slide the doors SLOWLY and GENTLY. Any sign of jamming manipulate the offending section sideways in the track. Following this procedure should lead to trouble free opening and closing.

Flying Scholarships

Twelve applications were received for the three 2019 HDFC scholarships. Congratulations to the successful applicants. They were Connor Warneken, Dior Toppazzini and Amy Irving. Thank you to the Ludriks and Baker families for funding one of the scholarships. Happy Flying.

In the news:

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HDFC Open Day

A good crowd turned out for the HDFC Open Day. The aircraft display area was filled to capacity with the Fire Boss water bomber attracting most attention. Other displays included a large collection of plastic and flying models, a ‘how to’ maintenance workshop, historical and club activity photo display and an Aerial Firefighters photographic exhibition. Thanks to all our enthusiastic club members who ensured the success of this event not only on the day but in the preceding working bee.

In the news:

ABC radio interview with Ray Lind

Sling Silhouette

A huge thanks to a very talented Mary Pavicich for producing a fantastic Sling Silhouette. It joins those of the Foxbats in creating a homely clubhouse feel.

Christmas Party

Christmas was celebrated in style at the HDFC Christmas Party. Lots of members enjoyed abundant food, drink and stories in the friendly club atmosphere. Thanks to all who contributed to the fantastic spread of nibbles, mains and dessert.


An aviation magazine by HDFC. Check out the latest Edition -



3rd Jan Mike Bullock

10th Jan John Hayler

17th Jan Bruce Dunlop

24th Jan Steve Smith

Aircraft Washing

27/12 to 10/1 Steve Smith, Chris Munro

10/1 to 24/1 Dave Toulson, Ed Godschalk

Flying Comp Lunch

19th Jan Di Davison

Online Shop

HDFC 2020 calendars for sale at $15 with HDFC Members' aircraft.

Two thousand and nineteen is done and dusted. Bring on 2020. Happy new year everyone with lots of enjoyable and safe flying.



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