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eNews April 2018

Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC)

HDFC eNews from Rod Davison, President

14th April 2018


Aircraft news

HDFC Aircraft Fleet Survey- Results

Foxbat 8685 has been performing very well but is currently grounded as we await the arrival of new rudder cables from the Ukraine.

An inspection of both Foxbats occurred on receipt of a safety alert generated by the failure of rudder cables in two Foxbats involved in mustering.

Foxbat 7395 passed its rudder cable inspection and is still available for your pleasure. It has been advertised for sale with four enquiries. However, it is not expected these will result in a sale.

CTLS 6669 is back in the air following its mandatory 750 hour propeller overhaul. Parts were required from Europe, thus delaying its return to service.

Our maintainers, Glenn and Alan, work hard to minimise downtime on the aircraft and must be thanked for their efforts.

GA aircraft hire

A very neat and tidy Piper Cherokee 180D is now available for private hire by club members. It is being made available by the owner, Brad Gill, at a very reasonable $200 per hour wet. Contact Brad on 0419845012 for details.

Aircraft booking calendar

The Committee is currently trialling a new system called goboko. If successful it will be introduced very shortly. In the meantime your patience is appreciated and we apologise for the delays in introducing a more user friendly system.

Parallel taxiway

Airport stakeholders were recently updated on the Parallel Taxiway project. Input was requested on staging of the construction, run-up bay size/position, and Helipad location.

The project is still in the design phase and will not progress until funds become available. Stage one will be a GA taxiway of 1200m.

Bicentennial grants

HDFC has applied for 3 Port Macquarie-Hastings Bicentennial Grants.

Grant 1 – A $500 Quick Grant to provide prize money for the Fly and Spy.

Grant 2 – A $500 Quick Grant for advertising of the HDFC Open Day on 14th October.

Grant 3 – A $6,048 Heritage Grant to research, write and print an updated version of “Come Fly with Me”, which outlines the history of the HDFC.

Dexfield Park PPD

The March PPD held at Dexfield Park was highly successful and enjoyable. Perfect weather ensured a good roll-up of aircraft, pilots and friends. This was all made possible by the generosity and hospitality of Clyde and Sue Stubbs who made their lovely property available for the PPD activities. Thanks Sue and Clyde.

Omaka airshow

You are invited to join with other HDFC members in Omaka, New Zealand, next April 19th-21st, 2019.

Bruce Dunlop is investigating accommodation options and would love to hear from anyone interested in attending this event.

Fly-In and Fly & Spy

HDFC Fly-in and Fly + Spy 2018

This fun flying event is only two weeks away. The annual Fly-In and Fly + Spy is on Saturday 28th April. Pilots flying club aircraft should book at the allocated times in the booking calendar. Owner Pilots fly at any time.

Prizemoney is

1st - $100

2nd - $70

3rd - $30

Last - cabbage

The Presentation Dinner cost has been capped at $20 to entice a large crowd. It will be a fun evening for all, not just the participating teams. Full details of this event are on the website.

Please support your club by supporting Fly & Spy.

Pilot Proficiency Day

The April PPD will be held this Sunday 15th April. Good weather is predicted so we would love to see lots of pilots take advantage of the cheaper flying rate and have a fun flying time.Everyone is invited to the BBQ lunch happening around midday. See you Sunday.

Pilot Proficiency Day on 15th April 2018

Curry Night

Curry Night is held on Friday 25th My 2018 from 5pm onwards. Bring any curry dish, nibbles, rice, breads, naans or your choice of main to share.

Curry Night is on 25th May 2018


The next edition of Propwash is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to submit your articles to Veronica. Please take the time to contribute to the ongoing success of this fantastic publication.

Propwash | HDFC newsletters

60th anniversary logo

Veronica has designed a logo to celebrate HDFC's 60th anniversary. For 60 years, members of the Hastings District Flying Club have been sharing flying dreams and always looking up to watch the next plane fly by, thus the theme Always Looking Up!

Save the date for HDFC's 60th anniversary dinner on 8th September at the Aspire, Port Macquarie Golf Club.

HDFC's 60th anniversary - Always Looking Up


Please check and communicate with other team members to organise your duty. Remember to sign off when finished. Hopefully completion rate will improve over the previous roster.

9/4/18 to 23/4/18

Jan, Ross, Russ.

23/4/18 to 7/5/18

Steve, Kenyan, Patrick.

7/5/18 to 21/5/18

Dave, Rod, Chayanne.

20th April - David Toulson

27th April - John Hayler

4th May - Rod Davison

11th May - Mike Bullock

15th April - Veronica Lind

20th May - Helen Smith

Safe and enjoyable flying

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