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Welcome to the lighter side, Geoff Litchfield

Congratulations to Geoff Litchfield who today, 6th September 2016 passed his Flight Test for his Pilot Conversion exercise onto the CTLS.

Being an ex Navy Pilot, Geoff has an amazing flying background and from his multiple Pilot Logbooks one can see he has flown an incredible array of aircraft such as: Tiger Moth, Sea Fury, Spitfire, Vampire, Sea Venom, Gloster Meteor and 'survived' 350 day and night aircraft carrier landings.

In his 30 years of airline flying, Geoff flew the: DC3, F27, Lockheed Electra, DC9, B727 and finished up with the A-300-B4.

Geoff can now proudly claim he is also a pilot who can fly the mighty Flight Design CTLS with HDFC.

What a fantastic flying career Geoff has had and continues to enjoy.


15 year old Patrick Barltrop achieved first solo on 7th Sep 2016

Read all about Geoff Litchfield's flying adventure recorded in his book - Fly Boy. His book is on sale for $20.

View Fly Boy here -

Fly Boy is about Geoff Litchfield's flying adventures

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