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Pilot Proficiency Day - June 2016 - Results

June's PPD was postponed by a week due to Fly and Spy event the previous week. After a totally suspect week weather wise, our Sunday PPD turned out to be very calm but cool. We had ten (10) pilots fly to take advantage of our cheap rates of $100 an hour for these days as well as to retain their currency. Once again a huge thank you to Bruce Dunlop and John Hayler for doing the air judging for our important PPD. Bruce is able to start at 8am each PPD so this gives our pilots a perfect opportunity to fly early and do their flight in the best, possible conditions and to be able to finish by lunchtime. This month's lunch was beautifully prepared by Fran and Steve Smith. The hummingbird cake was just yum!


Today we added a short field take off to the day's flying exercises and for a skill which pilots aren't called upon to use very much in YPMQ, all of the pilots achieved very well scoring 20 points with optimum flap selected and the best angle of climb maintained until above 50'.

1000' CIRCUIT (Spot Landing)

In this exercise we judge the pilot on flying a perfect circuit including maintaining the runway centre line on take off to the crosswind turn and exactly 1000' on downwind.This is completed with a Spot Landing where the quality of the landing is judged closely as well as the touchdown point. The judges reported today that most of the pilots landed very well with the nose high in the air(column well back) and right in the middle of the runway.

  1. 1st Craig Whiting 138pts

  2. 2nd Col Hayler 135pts

  3. 3rd Mark Whatson 120pts


(Co ordinated Flying Exercise up the Maria River)

  1. 1st Mark Whatson 65 pts

  2. 2nd Greg Connors, Craig Whiting 62pts

  3. 3rd Rod Davison 59pts


  1. 1st Col Hayler 83 pts

  2. 2nd Craig Whiting 67pts

  3. 3rd Rod Davison 65 pts


  1. 1st Col Hayler 331pts

  2. 2nd Craig Whiting 307pts

  3. 3rd Greg Connors 276pts

Well done, Col. Very accurate flying.

Col Hayler achieved top score of 331 points for June 2016 PPD

Congratulations to Col Hayler for his very accurate and professional flying in the June Pilot Proficiency Day (PPD)

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