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Fly and Spy 2016

The weather held off last Saturday providing excellent flying conditions for Fly & Spy. Eight teams participated flying out to Beechwood via Dexfield Park, then down to The Lakes airfield via Camden Haven and then home coastal.

Rod and Jayne (The flying Davo's) took the $100 first place, Steve and Fran (Sea Eagles) were second with $70 and collecting $30 for third were Bruce and Mark (Conair). The dreaded Cabbage was collected by John and Anne. About 30 people attended a very pleasant Presentation Dinner prepared by our wonderful girls headed by Di and Anne. Thanks to Clyde and Sue for organising the course and preparing the questions. All teams thoroughly enjoyed another reason to go flying.


Fly and Spy 2016
That's where we need to spy, boss!

Team Conair - Mark Whatson and Bruce Dunlop

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