March 2016 Pilot Proficiency Day Results

Congratulations to Mark Whatson for gaining the most Proficient Pilot status for our day. We had ten pilots fly on the day. Coming second was Greg Connors in his Pioneer Aircraft and third on the day was Mike Wilkinson.

Mike flew his first solo only three weeks prior. Wonderful effort!

Our three flying events were -

Blind Circuit (Instrument panel covered)

River Bash (Co-ordinated flying exercise)

Forced Landing (Simulated engine failure)

Well done to all of our participating pilots and furthering our quest for safe, professional flying!

Mark Whatson - 1st place for March 2016 Pilot Proficiency

Greg Connors - 2nd place for March 2016 Pilot Proficiency
Mike Wilkinson - 3rd place for March 2016 Pilot Proficiency


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