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Feb 2015 Pilot Proficiency Day @ Camden Haven Airfield

Captain's Report - Ray Lind

February 2015 Pilot Proficiency Day

Our Pilot Proficiency Day flying continues to cost each pilot only $100 an hour so with each exercise lasting about .5 of an hour, it makes it a very inexpensive way of keeping yourself totally current.

Also, with our absolute emphasis on perfect landings now rather than focusing on box scores, we have decided to use the CTLS in these exercises as well but only for those pilots who have received their endorsement.

Our February Pilot Proficiency Day was held at Camden Haven Airfield as part of the club Camping Weekend. On the day we had eight (8) pilots compete in the rather rough conditions due to the north easterly wind blowing over North Brother. More pilots would have competed if the conditions had been a little less daunting. It’s always exciting to fly at a different airfield especially a beautifully kept grass field like Camden Haven. Jon Hayler and the Camden Haven team had also arranged bottles of champagne for the winners. All points gained on the day go towards the Annual Results for our Pilot Proficiency Days and annual trophies.

Flour Bomb1st David Mitchell – only 5m from the target, 2nd Bruce Dunlop, 17m, 3rd Jon Maguire 18m from the target.

Spot Landing1st Bruce Dunlop and Ian Goldie 40pts, 2nd Peter Ford 20pts.

Overall our highest scoring pilots were:1st Bruce Dunlop, 2nd Ian Goldie, 3rd Peter Ford, David Mitchell

HDFC, learn to fly at Port Macquarie

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