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January 2015 Pilot Proficiency Day

Captain's Report - Ray Lind

Our Pilot Proficiency Day flying continues to cost each pilot only $100 an hour so with each exercise lasting about .5 of an hour, it makes it a very inexpensive way of keeping yourself totally current. Also, with our absolute emphasis on perfect landings now rather than focusing on box scores, we have decided to use the CTLS in these exercises as well but only for those pilots who have received their endorsement.

For our bright, sunny flying day we had six (6) pilots carry out the flying activities. We commenced with a low level bad weather circuit combined with a Spot Landing followed by the River Bash coordinated flying exercise at 600’. We then climbed to 2000’ for our return to the field and finishing with a Forced Landing. All of these points go towards the Annual Results for our Pilot Proficiency Days and our annual trophies.

Low Level 500’ Circuit

1st Glenn Cleary, Rod Davison 70pts, 2nd Ray Lind 65.

River Bash

1st Rod Davison 57, 2nd Caleb Butterfield 56, 3rd Bruce Dunlop 53.

Forced Landing (A020)

1st Rod Davison 69, 2nd Jon Maguire 49pts.

Overall our highest scoring pilots were:

1st Rod Davison 196, 2nd Ray Lind 145, 3rd Jon Maguire 140.

Congratulations everyone!

P.S. All of us also enjoyed lunch prepared by Steve and Frances Smith!

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