2014 HDFC Presentation Night and Awards

Picture on the left shows George Northey being awarded "Stirrer of the Year"!

There were 66 participants in this year's 2014 HDFC Presentation Night.

More photos on the social aspect of the 2014 Presentation Night >

We recognised the achievements of our student pilots as well as our seasoned pilots for outstanding flying.

More photos on the award presentation >

2014 awards are as follows -


For our Navigation Trial 2013/14 we had six (6) pilots showcase their navigation skills. The course was from YPMQ – Mt Comboyne - Pappinbarra Saw Mill with a diversion to the Oxley HWY/Byabarra Road - YPMQ. The exercise finished with a forced landing back onto the runway at YPMQ. Ed Godschalk flew very accurately with very few errors in his navigation to earn the highest points score. Four pilots flew the Foxbat while two flew the C182 VH-DUZ.

  1. 1st Ed Godschalk 333pts

  2. 2nd Rod Davison 300

  3. 3rd David Mitchell 290


2014 Tri Club Competition between RNAC, MRAC and HDFC was held at YKMP this year as it was HDFC’s turn to host. KFC also joined in making it a Quad Club. HDFC pilots competed amongst a field of 20 pilots. HDFC was very successful in winning the trophy once again. As individuals our top pilots were: Ed Godschalk, Jon Maguire, Caleb Butterfield and Rod Davison. Next year we will travel to RNAC at Maitland in our attempt to retain the trophy.

FIRST SOLO (Mug and Certificate)

An exciting, challenging and memorable time for all first solo pilots. Special mention to Alex Pryde, our youngest pilot who went solo on 10 July 2014 and Mitchell Paterson who went solo on his 16th birthday!

  • Greg Connors 18.12.13

  • Rohan Taylor 8.3.14

  • David Frewin 9.4.14

  • Alex Pryde 10.7.14

  • Caleb Butterfield 16.8.14

  • Chris Watt 30.9.14

  • Paul Hayler 4.10.14

  • Russell Delforce 28.10.14

  • Mitchell Paterson 3.6.14

  • Robert Stanborough 27.7.14

First Solo Photos


  • Ken Trotter 7.9.14

  • Greg Connors 7.3.14

  • Rohan Taylor 4.4.14

  • Jesse Connors 27.1.14

  • Tim Hitchins 25.5.14

  • Nic Fleissgarten 10.1.14

  • Dave Frewin 3.8.14

  • Craig Whiting 26.7.14

  • Ross Allen 11.5.14


  • Greg Connors 20.9.14

  • Dylan Williams 15.3.14

  • Matt Connors 1.2.14


  • Tim Hitchins 5.7.14

  • Craig Whiting 31.8.14

  • Nic Fleissgarten 29.5.14

  • Greg Connors 5.4.14


We have 2 this year, and this of course can lead into a flying career.

  1. Caleb Butterfield

  2. Jack Kalchbauer


  • Anson Needham completed and flew his beautiful RV8 VH-VBN

  • Matthew Baker received his multi engine command rating,

  • Randy Bable received his PIFR,

  • Outback Adventure Flight - John and Ann Hayler flying the RV6, VH-OMC in company with Bob Barnett and Ian Moss flying the RV7, VH-UBB


  • Caleb Butterfield

Caleb Butterfield has developed into being a very competent flier…he has become an excellent club member, socialising frequently at all events and as soon as he achieved his solo flight, he commenced entering the all important PPD s…. immediately realising their immense value and importance to his flying training.


This year we have introduced a 20 point bonus score for each landing regardless of whether it is in a scoring box or not to improve the quality of our landings overall.

  • SPOT LANDING PROFICIENCY (For judgement in quality landings as well as gaining scoring boxes)

  • Third highest was Glenn Cleary on 4pts,

  • Second highest points with Ed Godschalk and Ray Lind on 6pts

  • 2014 Spot Landing Trophy is Bruce Dunlop, 12pts.

  • FORCED LANDING PROFICIENCY (For judging accuracy in landing position with no power at all as well as performing a quality landing). The yearly score ended up very close with three pilots all gaining 6pts so our winner was determined on a count back to the Overall Winner.

  • Second highest scores went to Bruce Dunlop and Caleb Butterfield

  • Winner of the Forced Landing Proficiency trophy for 2014 is John Hayler

2014 PROFICIENCY PILOT (Vern Polley Memorial Trophy)

  • Ed Godschalk

The overall winner of our PPDs has proven competence in all sequences. Once again scores were very close but consistency and accuracy definitely paid off for our winner in all areas. Four pilots all ended up with 6pts for the year, so gaining the second highest score of 6 pts were: John Hayler, Bruce Dunlop, Bill Coote and Rod Davison. However, our worthy winner of the 2014 Vern Polley Proficiency Trophy and Overall winner on 8pts is Ed Godschalk.


  • John Hayler

John Hayler has been very busy in his flying as well as numerous other related activities. He has been an enthusiastic competitor in the Proficiency Flying events when he’s been available and a very keen member of our Flying Club. He is very generous with help and advice to all of our pilots, earlier this year he hosted a very popular day for everyone at YCMH airstrip, also recently gained his GA instructor rating and has been a career pilot all of his life.


  • Ed Godschalk

Ed Godschalk is also a very keen and successful participant in our flying events. He’s always willing to get in and help around the club and enthusiastically involves himself in our numerous club activities. He has been a dogged pursuer of news events and personal stories for our great newsletter, ‘Propwash’ as well as being a very successful competitor at our Tri Club event this year.


  • John Hayler

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