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HDFC Navigation Trial Jan 2015

by Ray Lind


In place of our Pilot Proficiency Day in December, we traditionally hold a Navigation Trial. This exercise will continue into Jan and Feb 2015, if necessary to allow as many pilots as possible to participate. 


This is the proposed Navigation Trial exercise. Pilots can contact Ray Lind on T: 0428 820 698 or E: when they have completed their preparation and book a time on one of the aircraft.


  • Prepare a flight plan for the aircraft you intend to fly.

  • You will carry a passenger(s) on a flight to the northwest of Port Macquarie.

  • Departure YPMQ - destination YPMQ

  • Pilots can use the Foxbat or the CTLS if they are endorsed. Alternatively a GA aircraft of your choice may be used.  



  • YPMQ____ Telegraph Pt (A015)

  • Telegraph Pt ___  Rollands Plains (A005 AGL)

  • Rollands Plains _____  Beechwood (A035)

  • Beechwood________YPMQ (A025)



  • Departure Call

  • Half way check points

  • Re-align H.I. with the compass frequently (GA only).

  • Be prepared for a diversion.

  • Be prepared for a segment under the hood (GA only).

  • You will need your Coffs Harbour VTC, Armidale WAC, Newcastle VNC and flight planning gear in the aircraft with you.

  • Set your watch accurately to UTC.



  • No GPS equipment is allowed.

  • The Navigation Trial will continue into Jan and Feb 2015 if necessary.

  • Please contact Ray Lind if you wish to make a weekday booking to make sure he is available.

  • Organise some passengers to come with you to enjoy the flight as well (GA only). 

  • Book a time segment of at least 1.5 hours on the website.

  • Contact Ray Lind on T: 0428 820698 or E: if any questions arise.

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