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Love is in the Air at the Hastings District Flying Club

17-18 Feb 2018

Love is in the Air

February Pilot Proficiency Day is at Camden Haven Airfield

Fly or Drive into Camden Haven Airfield for a surpisingly satisfying, romantic weekend for pilots and their partners.



17th February 2018 - Saturday

The morning starts with several pilot profiency flights, flour bomb competitions, aerobatics and more leisure flying. Enjoy a lunch BBQ, a game of scrabble, a movie at the hangar or just laze around by the river. Lots of prizes to be won!


If you want to stay overnight, then book a cabin at $50/night plus GST, set up your caravans and motor homes or prop up a tent to enjoy the stars at night and a movie! Provide your own Dinner on Saturday night.


18th February 2018 - Sunday

Come back on Sunday for a BBQ brunch and more flying!


We welcome nibbles, salads, desserts


Fee $10 a head for Saturday's BBQ lunch and $10 a head for Sunday's BBQ brunch. Please pay cash to Anne Hayler as you arrive.

What to bring

* mozzie sprays, sun screen, hats and other personal effects

* your own grog and other drinks as those available at the airfield will be limited

* your own chairs

How to get there?

* Drive there:

* Fly there:

How to get there
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