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Experience what flying is all about.

Buy a Discovery Flight at $160.

Book a Discovery Flight TIF by Hastings
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What happens during your Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight is a fantastic way to experience what flying is all about. With one of our professional flight instructors at your side, you will actually get to fly our Sling aircraft across the coast and town of Port Macquarie!


During your 30-minute hands-on flight, you will learn the basics of taxiing, take-off and maintaining straight and level flight. Best of all, you can log the flight time in your pilot's logbook if you decide to continue flying training.




A Discovery Flight costs $160 when flying in the Sling.

Discovery Flights are available now as a gift voucher.




Call HDFC on T: (02) 6583 1695 or E: to arrange your Discovery Flights.

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