A Foxy Romance and I said .... YES!

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For 18 months, Chris Watts had been learning to fly secretly. All that time ago, he asked me if it was feasible to propose to his girlfriend in the Foxbat and I said YES! For Chris, those 18 months were long arduous days as we worked in cahoots to build this romantic sequel. Sometimes challenging weather conditions, Foxbat downtime and Chris' busy work schedule delayed his achievement to become a pilot. It was also difficult for Chris to keep this a secret from his girlfriend especially with the early morning starts and the avoidance of answering phone calls from an already suspicious girlfriend while he was flying. Chris worked really hard and finally gained his Pilot Certificate on February 28th and immediately started building up his solo hours.

9th May was the day he could impress his first passenger and beautiful girlfriend, Sage and the entire event was well staged! Chris brought Sage out to the airport and into the Foxbat. Already, Sage was awed that her boyfriend could actually fly a plane! How romantic to show Sage Port Macquarie from the air.

The couple then flew over Bonny Hills. There were big letterings etched on the sandy beach by Chris' mates that said "Marry Me, Sage!". I'm sure her heart was racing with delight on this second surprise!

Chris then flew superbly back to the airport and landed smoothly to propose on bended knee to Sage in front of the Foxbat. The photos indicated that Sage obviously said Yes!!!! I bet the beautiful ring was the best surprise of it all - LoL!

Chris is such a fine young man and I admire him for his determination to pull off this feat!

To Chris and Sage, Congratulations!

A Foxy Romance Chris Watts
A Foxy Romance Chris Watts
A Foxy Romance Chris Watts

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