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HDFC retains Tri Club Trophy - Winners Are Indeed Grinners

HDFC retains Tri Club Trophy. our team of Bill Coote, Caleb Butterfield, Ed Godschalk, Craig Whiting, Jon Maguire and Rod Davison successfully defended the Tri Club Flying Competition Trophy in Kempsey. Congratulations to the team and also thanks to air judges Ray Lind and Bruce Dunlop and to Lyndal Coote who was kept busy ground judging. A great day was had by all at Kempsey today. Thanks to Kempsey Flying Club for allowing use of their facilities and feeding us.

Winners Are Indeed Grinners 20 pilots flew in the Tri Club held 20 September 2014 in a superb day of exciting flying. The winning pilots in each of the individual events are: Blind Circuit / Glide - 1st Paul Stubbs KMP 82, 2nd Caleb Butterfield PMQ 77, 3rd Ed Godschalk PMQ 74. Caleb has only been solo twice in his training so he's done particularly well. River Bash- 1st (equal first) Paul Stubbs, Hilton McLeod, Toni Bonhomme KMP 62 Spot Landing / Flapless - 1st Jon Maguire PMQ 75, 2nd Rod Davison PMQ 70 3rd Ed Godschalk PMQ, Bob Doran NC, Bruce Harrison TRE 65 The winning team was HDFC. GREAT WORK GUYS. The winning pilot overall was Ed Godschalk PMQ. CONGRATULATIONS ED.

Ed Godschalk gained the highest point score overall at the Tri Club Competition yesterday. Ed's score of course contributed greatly to HDFC winning the coveted trophy for another year but his flight was also the last of the day in very gusty conditions with a very unhelpful tailwind for his spot landings. Great flying Ed. Maybe Rod Hall will let you take the jet for a run after all.

Kempsey Tri Club Competition 2014 | Hastings District Flying Club, Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation | HDFC Port Macquarie

Congratulations to the HDFC pilots who brought back the Tri Club Trophy

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