VM/Rotax Maintenance Course

on 12th and 13th November 2016

designed for both Weightshift and Fixed Wing Aircraft

(Contact Greg Connors)

The course would be an especially worthwhile for any pilots who wish to maintain their own aircraft, be they HGFA or RAAus members and pilots of either weightshift or fixed wing aircraft.

Basic Course content included but not limited to the following -


Maintenance stages: Scheduled – aircraft & engine, Rectification – broken or worn, use original parts only IPC, (Illustrated Parts Catalogue), Modifications – differences between HGFA and RAAus, LSA and Type Certified aircraft. SB/SI/ADs – aircraft & engine.

Components, Carby Rubbers, Springs, Wire ties, Stiff Nuts or Locknuts, Max RPM, Bing Carby, Carby Sync, Spark Plugs, Oil, Coolant, Fuel & Funnels, Fuel Pressure, Corrosion & Heavy/Crosswind Landing checks.

The course offers lots of information and lists special tools required and web sites to find information with regards to correct maintenance procedures for your particular aircraft and engine. Most importantly “print off the Rotax servicing schedule and remember all maintenance needs to be signed off with time and date to end your responsibility”.


We are hoping to get 5 participants to justify Kev and Carole MacNally to travel to Port Macquarie. Every attendee will have a chance to complete the practical side of the course. While all theory is completed in the clubhouse we will venture to the hangar for hands on work.


These maintenance courses are endorsed by the HGFA as a means for HGFA pilots to gain a WM/Rotax maintenance authority. RAAus now recognises this as a L1 course. 

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