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History of Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC)



Barrie Abbott passed away after an illness. One of his former students, Sandy Howard, then a QANTAS test pilot, flew a constellation in a circuit over his home, dipping the wings in salute. Abbott Close at Port Macquarie Airport is named after him.



November - HDFC purchases Cessna 172 VH-FPT and it immediately became a popular aircraft with members.



Fly and Spy event commenced, the brain child of Rod Davison with the Hastings Coucil contributing $500 sponsorship.


Vern Polley conceived for the annual flying competition winner, in recognition of Vern's generosity and unwavering interest in HDFC. 


Pilot of the Year - Rod Farley


Mike Coulter received the inaugural Vern Polley trophy for the best competition pilot.



Rod Davison proposed the acquisition of a Foxbat aircraft with Bob Needham and Hans Westphal as instructors.



Flying training comments on the Foxbat 24-4422 with Bob Needham as the honorary CFI.


Vern Polley (former airline pilot and HDFC President) sadly passed away and his ashes was spread over the airport from VH-FPT.


Jimi Ludricks and Natalie McKenzie gained the first 2 flying scholarships on the Foxbat. Jimi now flies with Cathay Pacific out of Hong Kong.


Pilots of the Year - Bill Coote & Jimi Ludriks


The Foxbat began flying in monthly competitions. The Cessna 172 hours are down.


Foxbat reached 1000 hours flown. A proposal is made for a second RA-AUS aircraft.



HDFC celebrates 50 years with a book launch entitled "Come Fly With Me by Elaine van Kempen"

Recreational Aviation CFI - Adam Booker
Club Champion - Bruce Dunlop
RAAus Champion - Jimi Ludriks
Harry Bellott Trophy for Pilot of the Year - David Massey
Club Person of the Year - Tanya McKenzie

Steve O'Connor Navigation Trial Trophy - Jack Terp
Vern Polley Forced Landing Trophy - Rod Davison

Student Pilot of the Year - Doug Ross
RAAus Wings - Bonny Stutsel, Doug Jones, Liz Drinkwater, Glenn Cleary, Doug Ross, Lucy Johnston


Eurofox 24-5054 is acquired, half the money loaned to HDFC by Cedric Stephens at a low interest rate.


2009 - to-date

Recreational Aviation CFI - George Northey


Club Champion - Ray Lind, 
RAAus Champion - Jimi Ludriks
Harry Bellott Trophy for Pilot of the Year - Adam Booker
Club Person of the Year - Richard Bentley

Vern Polley Forced Landing Trophy – Ray Lind
Steve Connors Navigation Trial Trophy - Rod Davison


2009 - to-date

Recreational Aviation CFI - George Northey


On 25 Nov 2009, Tony Earle flew his home-made light aircraft under the watchful eye of George Northey.

Flying training at Hastings District Flying Club, Port Macquarie Recreational Aviation | HDFC Port Macquarie

Come Fly With me by Elaine van Kempen illustrates the 50 years of Hastings District Flying Club from 1958 to 2008.

This book is available for purchase from HDFC Online Store for $10.

HDFC Timeline

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